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Vanisha Uppal

In her own words

I was not good at studies in school but somehow I managed to finish my graduation. Dance always fascinated me. When I grew up and became independent, the first thing I did was, I joined dance class and left my well paid job. Destiny took me to my loving dance teacher, one of the best dancer and a very good Human being. Sri Justin Maccarty. Dance helped me to consciously connect me with myself for the first time. I found not only joy but bliss during my dancing.  Each moment of dancing was full of happiness and joy. I was much introvert person but dance helped to express my emotions. I am myself when I am dancing. Later I started teaching dance to the children. I always tried to find new and interesting way to teach to them. How to connect music and moment to go inside. How to make children fall in love with themselves and dance. I found gradual transformation in the children. Dance helped children to come out of certain fears and to be truthful. They found new confidence in themselves.

Five years ago, I learnt kriya Yoga mediation from Master Per H. Wibe. My search for my guru and technique came to end.  I found a new beginning and path, to be one with divine. Each day after that I am growing. There is no looking back and end to the limitless awareness. Master Per is the most simple teacher. He purely emphasize on practice and essence. With his constant guidance and kriya yoga practice, which I did sincerely and intensely, I discovered a writer in me. I feel my whole life and experiences was leading me to be a writer.

While working on kabir’s writings with master for 2 years, one day I strongly felt, I will be writing many things in the future. Knowledge is unlimited, as we become more aware in silence, the more it descends. It was very clear to me in the beginning of writing that I will be working for children. Also I feel we all are children. To be really grown up we need a lots of awareness, love, tolerance and forgiveness.  Although I feel that, one can only experience the truth by one’s first-hand experience. Don’t know whether my writing will inspire anyone or not. Still, I have to write because it is a strong push from inside as if I don’t have any other choice.


When someone ask me about myself. I don’t know what to say,

When I dance, then I am the dance only.

When I write, then I am words only.

At home, I am mother only,

When I close my eyes, I am that only.


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