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Interview with Realized Master

Interview With Realized Master



Per H. Wibe has been pursuing meditation and spiritual studies since 1976. He has lived an ordinary life. This has given him personal experience and insight into the life and problems of the modern human being. Master Per started to give initiations in Kriya Yoga in 1997. He teaches in a practical and simple way, endurably taking his students to the essence.

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Master what is duality?

PER – Duality is a product of the mind. Duality also creates energy, the power to move and grow. When duality is united with its opposite, there is no inner resistance. This implies “cessation” of the search for something other than what we already are. It is like a flower that grows and passes through different stages of development. All stages are perfect, if not it cannot bloom. A flower grows in a harmonious and natural way.

Then, why do we make efforts to reach to no duality if duality is a natural part of life?

PER –When one is not aware of duality, then it is working very differently. It makes one suffer with its effects. When one is aware, one experiences it in another light – we see it as it works in our favour rather than against us.

Master how to increase awareness?

PER- One can say that to be more silent inside is the key. Silence inside gives naturally awareness to observe and discover what prevent us to sustain Silence. Kriya Yoga is a good tool to sustain and build inner Silence.

Master is it possible to be stable and peaceful in difficult situations in our life?

PER – A stable and good inner condition in a changeable and troublesome world is the important part. It is like marks in the sand does not stay as long as marks on a stone. Its influence is there, but it does not last for a long time due to inner stability and silence.

Master why does good people meet so much resistances and difficulties in life, even when one has a good intention, working for a good cause?

PER- Resistance and problems are elements in life. One violin is not enough to create the beauty and harmony of an orchestra. The interaction between human beings creates mental and physical activity. Difficult experiences help us to discover “inner discomfort” and the “need” for harmony.

Master, what is the purpose of life?

PER- Simply feeling good inside in daily life is heaven on earth. Life is an unspoken agreement between the Creator and each of us. No place to run. To put it simple, the purpose of life is to be aware of oneself, to realize as an inner reality that we are one with life. “Silence in activity is the greatest”.

How is inner silence helping in daily life?

PER – It influence all parts of our life. More Silence gives automatically more awareness, a better capacity to be, in a natural way. Why? Simply because when there it is more space inside then we are less occupied inside therefore we earn the time. So simple, but needs a lot of inner work to realize it as an inner condition.

What is the role of faith and love?

PER- Silence is the seed. Faith, love and surrender are fruits of the same tree. A silent mind has compassion and forgiveness as its inner condition. It is not a theory or a concept.

Who is the master?

PER – Many seekers believe that the master is a person. This in incorrect, it is duality, ignorance. The master is within, in the consciousness. Our belief that the master is a person leads to the loss of time and energy. The seekers become more interested in the persons than in own spiritual efforts.

Then, what is the role of the outer guru?

PER: Human teachers can inspire us through their life. They are pointers, milestones who directs you to find the Guru inside you. He might teach you some techniques and inspire you to practise.

What is Kriya yoga?

PER – The most important is the breath. Using the breath and the attention dissolves difficulties or hindrances in energy centers in the spine. The purpose of the practice is to dissolve knots and hindrances so that the energy freely can move upwards and downwards in the spine. This enriches all parts of our lives. To put it simple, Kriya takes us inside to build Silence, to build awareness.

Master, how did you attain silence?

I worked for long time. My starting point was weak. I wanted to improve many things in my life. I was systematic in the practice. I used to attend longer retreats as often as possible. While going for walks I used the opportunity to meditate. This became a habit. I took short meditation breaks during the working hours in my daily life. I wrote my daily realisations in small poems. I got up early and in the middle of the night to practice. This went on for 15 years.

Are you perfect?

“Perfect” is a difficult concept. I will say that I am not perfect at all. I have done many mistakes in my life, and still do. I experience the spectre of human feelings like sadness, sorrow, fear, jealousy, struggles and so on. I am a part of life in a practical way, not acting. In the middle of life I feel ok, pretty “perfect” to put it that way. I am well aware of the fact that I am one with Life, with the Self. I feel good for most people I meet, a feeling of love. These are not empty words. Well I feel, the silence is bottomless.

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