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My Priority in Life

My Priority In Life

 My Priority


The main element in our life is family (relationships), health, money and job. Everyone know these are essential for our survival and happiness, but how to prioritize them?

Sometimes we prioritize family, at other times money (job) or health. We all have tried all possible permutation and combination yet they are like scattered pearls in front of us and we are unable to pick them up together why? Because the thread, that holds these pearls of life is missing.

Why is the most important aspect “the thread” has been so much neglected, ignored and not given any importance and priority? I think because it is intangible, through “repetitive” experiences of dissatisfaction in our life indicates that something is missing. The answer does not lies in an escape from any of these 3 elements (family, health and money), as that will bring more emptiness and dissatisfaction.  What is that we call thread?

It is Balance – which is not possible to create and cultivate through a concept in the mind.

What is a concept? Predetermined notions and believes based on others experiences of rights and wrongs. Nearly the whole world including parents and teachers are constantly blowing trumpets in our ears since childhood- to follow the rules, to be truthful. Now I think what they actually means by the truth, it is what everyone wants to hear.

What is truth? Is to accept our feelings, whatever is there inside. It may be jealous, love, criticism etc. No body since childhood has taught us how to deal with negative emotions like anger, hate etc. We have learned that we should not have such emotions, the absence of them is good and we spend much of our life in deny their presence in us. We are ashamed to accept them as a part of us. The truth is they are a part of us. No one is really an exception.

Being good is good but not through a concept but as an inner condition. Do you think it is possible to attain total freedom and happiness without countering all parts of our being?

How to realize goodness as an inner property, that which surface up from our deepest core when needed?

What are negative and positive emotions? They are the thoughts. The mind is pure. Everything is in the air. A restless person is dual. While a silent mind catches creative and noble thoughts. It works the same way even when we are sleeping. It is said “To attain the truth is like walking on a razor’s edge”. The deepest sincerity and interest is the criteria.

Let us take anger as an example. What is anger? It is provoking thoughts. They continuously nag us to react, they chase us all the time. And finally they make us react and we lose control. We get into a chain of problems. This is stated in Gita also that for liberation from chain of action and reactions we have to silent our mind and meet our true self. The effect of all the actions are neutralized in inner silence only.

Too many thoughts indicate we are restless. It is not that we are restless all the time but when situation goes against us then we are lost in thoughts and lose the hold on inner silence, why? Because silence is not yet established firmly in us.

Mediation practise has not been our priority. We prioritise the outer aspects – job, money and relationships. That brings more restlessness and confusion.

Balance is a result of inner silence. No short cut is possible. Inner silence is the thread that improves everything in life. Then we know from inside what and how the things has to be done. How to deal with work and relationship.

In mediation, one accept oneself and duality. It is not been avoided, ignored or distracted. One learns to deals with it. And the same duality works in our favour rather than against us.

There is more peace and harmony in all aspects of life because problems are worked and solved inside and actions are guided by the self.

We water the roots of our being in silence then detachment, faith, love, focus, contentment and the balance as ripe fruits on it.

Earnestness and intensity will be natural when we understand the importance of silence. Repetitive experience of dissatisfaction and anxiety in our life will surely lead us to practice at the end.

Techniques and teachers are here for those who wants to make beautiful necklace out of scattered pearls. In Gita, lord Krishna tell to Arjuna “to go beyond the gunas, to the self, to silence” how many are eager to do the efforts to realise it – to meditate and accumulate silence within to see the things in clarity.

One thing I have understood: life is pushing me to find the balance and I am eager and persistent. What I get out of the practise is up to the God, yet I have to make my side of efforts. I have no choice.

Practice is my main priority. What’s yours?

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