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Welcome to Restless World Sweetie!

Welcome To Restless World Sweetie!

This time I asked God for educated and loving parents. I thought it will be a smart choice to be born in well settled family with all the comforts. There was huge celebration at the eight month pregnancy, when I just started playing football in my mom’s stomach. Everyone was happy as if Christ is going to arrive. On my birth, countless gifts from family and friends. My first birthday was the best celebration, big party, huge balloon decorations, new cloths for everyone and expensive birthday return gifts. And I had no idea what was happening around me, I was too small to even notice them.

Case 1

Mom left her job. Her total focus is on me. She wants to give me the best food and best education.

I am now 6 years old. One day at my friend’s birthday party-

Shivani – my son is learning Soccer, Keyboard, Singing and Abacus too, it is good for children. My life is too busy, no time for self.

Neru – True, my daughter is going for Swimming, Dancing, Tennis and Karate classes too. And I am managing everything – home, family, kids and their classes, that makes me tired. I always tell my husband to take us to vacation at nice place. At least I deserve that, don’t I?

Shivani – Yes we deserve more than that. An expensive gift every month or may be everyday  ha..ha….

Mom is surrounded by the women, who talks like their child is preparing to go to the moon. Mom feels that she and I will be left alone on this planet.

She asked – Which is the best place and teachers to learn all these different activities.

All the ladies were waiting for this question to be asked. They all are eager to talk about it.

First they impressed mom with the endless data on different hobby classes.

Second how good their kids are in the all the activities including studies.

Finally here comes their favorite topic, self-praise; their contribution to family and to their child blah…blah…. They took mom’s phone number to send more information on hobby classes. Along with that mom gets daily free update of their life – pictures of their visit to parties, lunch, dinner, birthdays and in all different dresses. It seems they wear the same dress again. God save papa…..

Mom is in a huge panic. She convinced papa in such a way that he has no other choice than to listen to her and agree, after all it is a matter of their only child.

Next day only Mom took me to the coaching centre in the evening. There were many different activities like Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Karate, Badminton, Soccer etc. She also noticed, some young expert kids in every class. I could see big expectation in her eyes. She turned to me and said “See how well these kids are playing.” What am I supposed to say here?

Mom made me join the cricket class, she thought mostly boys like cricket and I might like it too. She did not even ask my what my interests were, she thinks I am too young to know my likes and dislike. About which she is right I guess, I have to try many things to find where my interest lies.  But what is this, she also made me join Keyboard and Singing classes too.  She wanted herself and me to get totally occupied!

Anyway first day at Cricket was good but after some classes I said “I don’t want to go to cricket class tomorrow, I am the youngest one and don’t get chance to bowl or bat. They make me stand in the field for one hour”

Next day Mom went to the coach and had a long conversation. He ensured that he will give more chances to me to bowl and bat. But somehow I still didn’t like the game. I made all possible excuses to miss my classes now and then. Finally mom gave up (but not the way you think) , she made me join badminton classes.

After few days I said “I don’t want to go to class tomorrow, too much exercises and running. Only at the end of class every class, we get 15 mins to play.

Mom was frustrated, She said “You must try for one month. It often takes time to get settled”.

On the other side, I found singing classes too boring for mebut I did it half-heartedly. After 3 months of learning, mom expected me to sing like Sonu Nigam. Mom was very disappointed in me. She scolded me that I was wasting her time and money. But Is it my fault? Can someone remind her I am only 6 years old.

Mom made me join many activities after that – Karate, Kick boxing and whatever was there at coaching centre. Finally, Thank God, I don’t know what made me like the football classes but i enjoyed. Mom was relived. Every day she dropped me at football classes and enjoyed the company of other ladies while waiting to pick me up. Mom also started to boast to others ladies that she has become very busy these days.

One of the ladies convinced mom to make me join another class of Abacus because everyone learns that these days. Now I go for – football classes which I enjoy, Keyboard and Singing, I hate and for Abacus, I don’t know what to say?

Mom is running around the clock – managing home, Papa, cooking and my classes. During my every school exams, Mom asked me to discontinue all the activity classes and focus on study only. But I want to go to my football classes, I really want to. Coach also told Mom that continuity is very important. But again she is under the pressure of those ladies who talk high about their children scoring good marks at the school. She made me sit for hours in front of books and wants me to make no mistakes. Can someone again remind her that I am only 6 years old.

Oh God I was so stupid to ask you for educated parents.


Case 2

Mom at my friend’s birthday party, she listened to all the ladies carefully. Their opinions about hobby classes and studies. She took address of coaching center. After the same process of trying various activities, mom and I settled at football classes. Other ladies tried to provoke mom to make me join other classes too. But she knows one class at a time. Life is easy, she takes me to the class at 4.30 pm and we are back at 6 pm after that whole family sits together and enjoys the tea.  At 6.30 pm I study with mom for 1 hour. Which I enjoy too, because, mom says that the activity which makes us feel happy, also gives us more energy. And I feel it too. My mom is so wise. After studying for one hour I go out to play with my colony friends, which I enjoy the most. This is my best time. Thank you mom for not burdening myself and yourself in too many activities.

After 5 years of my continuous coaching, today I am very good at football and secure good marks at school too. All teachers appreciate me. Now I want to learn guitar and singing , Mom happily agrees. Papa takes the responsibility to pick and drop me every day to singing classes. I never miss my Soccer, guitar and singing classes. This time my target at school is to get more than 90% marks. I am sure I will make it, but if I don’t then also my parents will never criticize me. They will be always be supportive.

Thank God for blessing me with such wise parents.

Co-Curricular activities are not time pass or status symbol. They bring good health, happiness, awareness and focus in a child’s life. It is like meditation for them. Continuity is the most important. These Co-Curricular activities connect mind with heart and heart with soul and soul with supreme. Then a child can make better decision of his own. The child learns to be independent and confident. It recharges the mind with creatively and knowledge.

Lets us all become wise parents for our child not only educated.

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  1. This article is more then a gives a positive massage to our families to let our children choose path of their own choice.only then they can do their best.i wish you all the best for the next.

  2. I very much liked this writing for a simple reason that it is like my own story coz every where you will see parents trying to compete and in the process kids suffer.Also this concept of one hobby at a time is a good idea to raise kids. Keep it up.

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